Whatever body part it may concern, with the by SMC Fysiomed developed powerful massage techniques for tissues (like muscles and joint capsule), and manual techniques for joints, the body can heal maximally. We work according to the treatment-, testing-, training- system. We will train together with you to make your body as strong, supple and defensible as possible to ensure that your complaints will not reoccur. When it is necessary and desired by you, we will involve another specialist in your treatment. 

Our physical therapists think holistically, think further than where it hurts and will do everything to make you perform as fast and as good as possible.  

For whom

  • for people who have complaints in their muscles or joint
  • for people who need to rehabilitate after a surgery
  • for people who want to become fitter
  • for people who want to achieve a sportive goal

In short: for everyone with a (sports)medical question

Your first appointment

Your first appointment will take 40 minutes. The following appointments will take 20 minutes. During the intake the treatment plan will be discussed with you.


Intake €45,00
Treatment € 35,00

NB: If a treatment takes place during the first appointment, the costs for the intake incl. treatment are € 80.00.

For 2018 we do NOT have contracts with the following health insurances:

  1. CZ

With the following labels:

  • CZ (natura)
  • OHRA (restitution)
  • Delta Lloyd (restitution)
  1. VRZ

With the following labels:

  • ONVZ, VVAA, PNO (restitution)
  • ENO, Salland, HollandZorg en ZorgDirect (partly natura, partly restitution, depending of chosen insurance package)
  • Zorg & Zekerheid (natura, except for package ZorgVrij, which is restitution)


We have 35 physical therapists, each with their own specialty

    Supplementary information

    To supplement your treatments, we offer training- and gym memberships.

    Your physical therapist will gladly help you choose a fitting membership depending on your injury, rehabilitation period or personal (performance) goals. 

    In case you would like to change or cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours ahead of time, or we will be required to charge you our applicable fees. 

    Subscriptions & Packages