Gym training

Training at SMC Fysiomed you can enjoy a gym that is equipped with the most modern training technology ánd the best trainers! Our gym is accessible to both people who are rehabilitating with us and for people who want to train in a professional environment with the best guidance. Our fysiotrainers are readily at your disposal to get you in top shape.

All of your testing and training data are saved in YIN (You In Numbers) so you always have your exercise program and results at hand. With each membership 1 starting test is included (how am I physically at the moment? What do I want to achieve?), after which you can sign up for subsequent testing during one of our testing weekends that take place once every 6 weeks.

You can already start training for € 36 a month. And you can even reserve a spot for your car for only € 25 a month. Come by to have a look or request a trial – day daycard to come and taste the atmosphere and to let us motivate you! We can’t wait to see you. For more information, call: 020 560 89 20 or click here.

We would love to welcome you for a tour. For €10 you can come trial-train with us for a day.