What we do

At Fysiomed we believe in a holistic approach. We have made it our mission to help people perform better and feel better about themselves by bringing body, mind and energy in balance. We do this by using a multidisciplinary approach with the many specialists that we have within our team to reach that balance. And if we think that we need an external specialist, they are just a phone call away.


During the intake by one of our employees, we assess in which stage you currently are with you fitness and health. Are you injured or are you preparing to achieve a top performance?

Within each stage you pass through the 3 T’s: Treatment-Testing-Training. When you are recovering from an injury, the 3 T’s will be arranged differently then from when you are in a performance stage. In each stage – in careful deliberation with you – certain specialists will be added and consulted in a supportive role for your rehabilitation or performance process.



1. The ‘Get Fit’ phase starts from the moment that you get injured and lasts until you are injury free and can fully participate in your activities of daily living (ADL) and sports.

Get fit


2. The ‘Be Fit’ phase starts from the moment that you can perform your ADL activities complaint free and you are able to load your body at a basic level. The goal is to be optimally fit and in full balance.

Be fit



3. The ‘Stay Fit’ phase aims to achieve and maintain a healthy balance of fitness and wellbeing. To be in balance, it is necessary to work on your total physical, mental and energetic entity.

Stay fit


4. The ‘Top Fit’ phase is aimed at performing long term at a professional sports level in a responsible way. Your body, mind and energy in optimal balance for a maximum performance in your sports, at work and at home.

Top fit