Haptotherapy supports people who due to emotional blockages have developed physical (psychosomatic) complaints. Often the complaints have been present for a longer period of time. The signals that the body has been given have already been denied or are not being recognized. Haptotherapy teaches you to use your body as a reference and as an instrument. Through conversation and exercise you learn to use your senses, especially touch, in a more conscious manner. Through this you experience the effect of events and circumstances on your body. Subsequently you receive stepping-stones to recovery and balance in the relationship between body and mind. Loeke Richter, GZ-haptotherapist, supports you during this process, teaches you to establish contact with your body and use the information it provides. Through this you come into a good energy flow and stressful moments of any nature literally ‘slide of your back’. Mind- and bodyful.

Target group

For people who experience a lot of stress. For complaints like a (threatening) burnout, hyperventilation, undefined head-, stomach- and back complaints.

Your first appointment

Within 3 weeks you will be able to be seen for your first appointment. During the intake your goals will be discussed.


First consult 60 mins € 106,50
Treatment 60 mins € 106,50

Prices are excluding BTW (taxes). The fees are often partly covered out of the ‘alternative package’ from your health insurance.

To make an appointment

Call020 679 33 09 or 020 560 89 20.


Loeke Richter, haptotherapist andcoach (SchaalvanRichter).

    Supplementary information

    In case you would like to change or cancel an appointment, please do so 2 workdays ahead of time, or we will be required to charge you our applicable fees.

    Loeke Richter, GZ-haptotherapeut en coach is lid van de Vereniging van Haptotherapeuten.