Exercise physiology

For a (sportive) physical exertion the body needs energy. This energy supply is maintained by different mechanisms. With this the muscle construction, the energy supply within the muscle and the energy usage and the transportation toward the muscles all gets taken into account. An exercise physiologist looks at the body’s reaction to this (sportive) physical exertion. On the basis of this analysis they can determine how individual performance can be improved. Fitness, strength and speed can be mapped so that a specific advice and/or exercise program can be tailored to the needs, objectives, training history and performance of an individual.

Target group

For everyone who wants to improve or optimize their performance.

Your first appointment 

An individual appointment can take place within 1-2 weeks. When the appointment is for a whole team the first appointment can take place within 2-3 weeks.


First consult and a tailor made plan: price on request.

Supplementary information 

In case you would like to change or cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours ahead of time, or we will be required to charge you our applicable fees.