Nutritional Sciene/Sportsdietics

Being fit starts with eating healthily. Our nutritional specialist and sports dietician Esther van Etten will give you an inventory of your eating habits (and if requested a blood test) and a personal advice. During an agreed-on period of time she will monitor you and steer you in the – by you requested – direction. She has a unique and effective approach. Goals:

  • the improvement of a top performance
  • the decrease of stomach and bowel problems.

Target group

For everyone who wants to learn how to live and eat healthier. If you want to loose weight, become stronger after an operation, don’t want to have any more stomach or bowel problems or want to achieve a top performance. But also coaches and trainers from sports clubs and parents of growing children can approach our nutritional specialist for questions.  

Your first appointment

We will discuss your goals after which the nutritional specialist will make a tailor made plan of action. The first appointment lasts 1 hour. It is most effective if you bring a food journal of at least.

To make an appointment

Call 020 560 89 20


Intake 60 mins €   80,00
Follow-up consult 30 mins €   40,00
Intake athlete and sports nutritional advice 120 mins € 160,00
Total weight loss package 8 consults € 340,00

You need a referral from your general practitioner to make an appointment and receive 3 hours of consults out of your basic health insurance. If you do not have a referral, you are requested to pay in cash. 


    Supplementary information

    In case you would like to change or cancel an appointment, please do so 24 hours ahead of time, or we will be required to charge you our applicable fees. 

    Esther is a member of the NVD (Dutch Association for Dieticians), the VSN (Association Sport dietary Holland) and in registered and SCAS certified (quality registry).