2 talented physiotherapists shake hands: Wouter Post and Leo Echteld. They write a combined thesis while creating a plan to work together as a team once they have grown just a little more.

learning the tricks of the trades

They both start working at sports physio practices in Amsterdam.


One of his missions is to let players realize that focusing on prevention results in less injuries and  therefore more match minutes.


Seed is planted for the holistic vision of Fysiomed by intensive collaboration with super specialists. Body, mind and energy are seperate elements but are also a team. When all three are in optimum shape, every individual can reach the best performance.


How to get the most out of your talent, that is the big challenge. We intensively started  the Total Talent program with Clarence Seedorf, Patrick Kluivert and Andre Ooijer and worked closely with  them for years, until the end of their career.


KvK registration and opening of 1st location: Squash City: a humid, messy, but cosy space. Our time at Squash City was educational and awesome. We worked from 07.00 am til 08.00 pm and afterwards…we played squash!


We were offered a practice in Italy and as we stayed there a lot for football players already, we took the challenge and bought it!


Milanlab is a multidisciplinary centre for top athletes. With this influence Fysiomed created Top Sports Rehabilitation.


2nd Location: Nieuwezijdsvoorburgwal.

And we did the sports medical guidance of Holland and Nigeria in the World Cup Football 1998 in France. By now we worked with 6 people.


Another location, the 3rd one, on the Looiersgracht. And again we worked abroad a lot, this time we did the physio guidance of the national football team of Libya.


A 4th location: Lijnbaansgracht. And a 5th location: Ruyschstraat. And we worked and played hard as physio guidance for Holland in the Euro Football.


5 bases of Fysiomed are visited by all kinds of clients and for all kinds of health questions. We do top sports rehabilitation on our own locations, but also on club locations in NL or abroad.  Our physiotherapists fly all over the world. We do rehabilitations as f.e. Clarence Seedorf, Patrick Kluivert, Edwin van der Sar, Dennie Landzaat, Romeo Castelen, Andre Ooijer, Jari Litmanen, Edson Braafheid.



Physio guidance South Korean World Cup Football 2002, exciting times.


We opened our 6th location at the Olympiaplein. In this year we also started the guidance of a group of runners who ran the New York marathon. And we started the guidance of field hockey teams, first the Laren gents team, later the Amsterdam ladies team.


We worked with the Dutch football team in Portugal, but also facilitated the Olympics in Athens. And also from this year on it was standard procedure that we were present to service groups of New York runners.


Wouldn’t it be wise to fuse 6 locations to 1? With all our physiotherapists and the several (merely) external specialists we work with?


The realization of Sports Medical Centre Fysiomed by adding the medical branch to the one and only location: Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam: 25 physical therapists and 10 medical specialists. And besides that: we also did the physio guidance of Holland in the World Cup Football in Germany


And we introduced total health packages for the fittest bodies in rehabilitation and performance phases. We all know that training with a personal trainer delivers the best result. By far.


1. Not only for football but also for field hockey, for both teams as individuals.
2. This is also the year in which we did physio guidance of the Holland Euro Cup Football in Austr/Switzerland.
3. And in 2008 we started to physically guide the Sahara Experience: the motor event in Africa.
4. We were present as physical therapistst at the Olympics in Beijing.
5. Last but not least: we guided 60 runners before and after the Dam tot Dam-loop for a good cause: De Opkikker.



We guided a group of our clients and helped them to prepare for their challenge. The group consisted of teams with a team captain and every team strived for the highest € result for War Child. It was a perfect day with lots of adrenaline and medals to show at home.


Always a great experience for everyone of us. For the fysio travelling with the National Team, but also for the Fysiomed-people who stayed at the homebase.


By now we work with 55 people. We started searching for a new location, not knowing it would take us until 2015…In this year we also started partnerships with Ortec, Inmotio, Statsports, Motek to walk hand in hand with innovation, analysis and science. We wish to build a bridge between science and practice. All because we want to achieve the best result for our clients.


We have worked together with Ajax for ages, but finally our collaboration was made official and one of our fysios is based at the club since then. And also we started a collaboration with Ferencvaros.

Internal development: we launched the Fysiomed Academy, a program full of lessons with regard to body, mind and energy. First this program is for all Fysiomed employees and specialists with the intention to give external courses lateron.

In 2012 we also started new services: a special running service, a stress out course and Fysiopilates.


We started a new sister company that works on vitality and health of organisations and its employees. A trailer with test equipment and testers comes by companies to do a health and fit check on people. The management of the company receives a complete report without the names of their employees. Each employee receives their own report including the advice and solutions for their health questions.


We learned an important life lesson: delayed desire results in the best satisfaction. Finally, we found a new location for our sports medical centre, 2000 m2, 60 people, adding specialists of the VU, AMC, Motek. We are ready to deliver everything needed for everybody’s body, mind and energy. At the end of 2014 we start renovating the building which will be our new home on 2 March 2015!


It was a race against the clock but we made it: on 2nd March we kicked off at the IJsbaanpad. The whole team, fysios, specialists, front and back office were totally excited. This year we welcomed so many new clients: recreational sports people, top sports people, young(er), old(er), everyone can be treated, tested or can train in our 2 gyms. With the best guidance.

In this year we also started collaborating with Nike and we’re very happy with that! We offer them medical guidance during events and use their shoes (as one of the possible brands to wear for running)  in the gait analysis of our podotherapists


We started Chinese collaborations. A China Under 19 team was tested totally. Test results were reported to coaches and trainers to work on optimal team performance in 2016 and years after


We are expanding in our central location where we develop subbrands to make our total approach more clear for our clients:

we have The SMC: a sports medical centre

The GYM: our training facilities where you can also train when you just want to work on your performance but also when you recover after an injury

The LAB: we test everything to make sure we do what is right for you. How strong is your core? How is your condition, speed level, heart rate, etc. etc.  A total battery of tests of which we make a selection to make you get fitter or topfit.


It’s the year of the mirror. Let’s sit together. How can we improve? Not only the products and services but also as a team. For top athletes, recreational athletes and people with health issues, we work on protocol programs. We have our topsport department but also our specialists who work on programs for people with brain damage.

As everybody must know by now: we work for and with everyone, as we only have one goal: empower people to perform better.

PS girl to the right is: Elke van Achterberg, Dutch Turkish wheelchair fencer who couldn’t walk since she was 15 after a fall. She trains at Fysiomed every week and wants to go for the Olympics after she played at the EK in Italy in 2018



It’s gonna be an exciting year again, nobody will fall asleep on broad daylight…

  • We have physical therapists and performance trainers in Cameroon, China, Dubai (with Clarence Seedorf, Patrick Kluivert and Guus Hidding
  • and work on a collaboration with Egypt.
  • We professionalize our club cooperations in the Netherlands for which we developed a total program: Fysiomed Football Service. And Hockey Service also.
  • We work for every client with health issues with the team of specialists in our house.
  • And also: we look for 6 more physical therapists, manual therapists, performance trainers and front office people.
  • Let’s see what this year will bring us. Keep you posted. Follow us on facebook and insta.